For its 40th anniversary, Dagoll Dagom has decided to put back on stage their musical theatre production “Mar i Cel”. This revival incorporates new technology developments and has a complete new casting. The play was first released in 1998 and was put on again in 2004 and has been the most successful musical theatre of the company.

The plot is about pirates and Christians locked in a ship. They are lost on the high seas. The story brings up disagreements about fundamental values like intolerance and incomprehension between two worlds, which hold uncountable similarities with nowadays social problems. The Catalan playwright, Àngel Guimerà, first wrote the original play. The music is the work of Albert Guinovart, Xavier Bru de Sala wrote the script and Joan Lluís Bozzo has been in charge of the direction.

Here in Arcoiris we are happy to work once more with the company and feel proud to provide our services in order to improve and reinforce the lighting of this fantastic revival.

From today you can enjoy “Mar I Cel” at the Teatre Victòria, don’t miss it!


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